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Scalloped Ties

The man’s necktie hasn’t changed much in the past hundred, two hundred, three hundred or so years. Which is why when I patented the scalloped tie, it was the first tie patent since the bowtie. These scalloped ties aren’t for everyone, just those few fashion forward individuals who recognize that their uniqueness can be expressed in something as simple as a tie. Here are a few pictures of the scalloped tie, and don’t forget to visit my etsy shop to purchase your own.







The tagline for my site calls me a writer, a doctor, and an entrepreneur. All three are true, though on this website I’ve mostly emphasized my writing (and, to a lesser degree, my doctoring). But I will always have that entrepreneurial spirit in me, and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you today.

A while back, I designed – and even patented! – a new look for men’s neckties. I was struck by inspiration while living in Minnesota in 1988. One night I had a dream about window shopping on a dark winter’s evening. Through a window I saw a presentation of men’s ties spread out and arranged. But because of the dim and the way the street lights around me cast their glow on the window, the ties appeared to be scalloped. As soon as I awoke, I knew I had to make that dream a reality.


I’ve been selling these scalloped ties off and on for years, but just last week I was able to open an Etsy store where they are more readily available. The store is called MyNexTie, and here’s the official write-up to give you more information:

Not since 1898, when the bow tie was introduced, has there been such an innovative invention in the shape of a necktie. MyNexTie uses a scalloped technique that gives new meaning to the “ritual” of wearing a tie. This unique necktie is patented, handmade of 100% silk, and ties just like a regular tie. But this is no regular tie – it confirms your irresistible nature and personal style! It’s a guarantee that these scalloped ties will not only spice up your shirt and suit, but also make you the center of attention in any room.

A few of our ties:





If you are in the market for a truly unique tie, then make sure to visit MyNexTie on Etsy!