Medical Humor at its Best! 

zuckerman-new-coverThe Official First and Last Authority on Clichés, Platitudes, Aphorisms & Old Saws

Medical Humor at Its Best is a plucky and provocative book of new perspectives on timeless topics. These little Zuckerisms run the gamut from silly to sagacious, all with Dr. Zuckerman’s stamp of droll whimsy. From the first chapter, The Doctor Is In, to the last, The Pondering Jew, nothing is too sacred to escape a satirical poke from Zuckerman. This zany collection of new clichés (a wacky oxymoron of its own!) is guaranteed to skew your thinking toward some unlikely directions for the coming millennium!”

Praise for Medical Humor at its Best!:

“The book [is] unpredictable and intriguing from each page to the next, ultimately translating to a read that, in my opinion, carries with it a lot of substance.” – Lucidity, Amazon reviews

“Fantastic new book of wit and wisdom. It’s great to see someone finally collated all the expressions of mankind and put them in one book. It’s entertaining, as well as a handy reference tool for any writer.” – Frank Scozzari, Amazon reviews

“I laughed from the beginning to the end.” – Woo Da, Amazon reviews

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Why God Spoke to Me

51jomaoswxL“Sometimes, the most unexpected events have the largest impact on our lives.

In 1991, Stephen Zuckerman, MD, began hearing a voice in his deaf left ear. Initially, he was skeptical as to The Voice’s origins, even considering that he might be going crazy. But The Voice had knowledge that Stephen could never have known, and with dramatic strokes it changed him, forcing him to accept the fact that he was having a miraculous spiritual experience. He eventually gave himself over to The Voice, allowing it to guide him through board meetings, romantic relationships, and anything life could throw at him. The ensuing journey took him to unexpected places, including a harrowing stay in a psychiatric ward. But it was through The Voice that Stephen was able to find his true self, ultimately answering the question: Why did God speak to me?

With so much of the world beyond our intellectual comprehension, this memoir dives deep into the heart of the spiritual, challenging our notions of religion, self, and our current mental health system. Stephen’s experience is unique but also universal, and you will be swept away by his story of enlightenment, suffering and eventual epiphany—as well as the unveiling of The Voice’s true origin.”

Praise for Why God Spoke to Me:

“This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time because of how thought-provoking it was. Regardless of professed religion, I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a stimulating read about what it means to be human and how we are connected to God.” – Kindle Customer, Amazon reviews

“I read this book out of the blue and it was not was I expected, but in a great way. What happens is truly amazing and the story continues in an unexpected and stunning way. The character is well written, the “dialog” with this Voice is truly entertaining and the book is a page turner. I was truly amazed.” – Jörg, Amazon reviews

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