My Life’s Work: An Introduction

For years now, I’ve been writing stories about my life. These have focused on events which were highlights, such as the near-choking death of my two-year-old son, the erroneous prediction of my death from cancer at age 40, my practice of medicine amongst the primal tribal peoples on the remote Pacific island of Truk, my three month encounter with a magical voice that talked to me in my left ear, etc.

The three books I have written are the result of harvesting the nectar of my life’s experiences, each infused with my “off” brand of wisdom (called Zuckerisms) and humor, humor, humor. Lately though I’ve been thinking about my life not as separate parts, but as a whole encompassing journey. In fact, my life has always seemed to follow destiny’s compass, starting when I was 2.5-years-old and an encounter with my neighborhood physician magically convinced me that I was fated to become a doctor. So now I have decided to sit down and write that journey, sharing with you the entire story of my life to date. It won’t be a day-to-day journal—too tedious for me. Rather, it will take the shape of a collection of seminal events throughout my life. I’ve already begun writing these tales, and I’m eager to share them with all of you.

My story starts in Jewish Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and winds its way from childhood summers at Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey to the halls of Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan. It takes me to the subways of New York, to medical school while living in Greenwich village, to becoming a wanderer with a wife and two children, to the summer of love in Haight Ashbury, to imparted cultural insight that came to this ultra-urbanite with my naïve effort to organize health co-ops in rural Minnesota. I’ll share with you the women who taught me about women, others who taught me about life, and the prophetically outrageous metamorphic changes that almost did me in at ages 40 and 50. I’ll eventually be collecting these anecdotes and memories into a book, one that’s enticing to read, never ponderous, always seasoned with humor and wisdom: my official autobiography. But for now, I’ll be rolling them out on my blog, with new installments going up on Fridays. I’ll be posting as they come to me, starting at the very beginning. Subscribe to the blog to follow along, or check back in periodically to learn more and more about this life lived and the intuitive inner voice that led me to experience, to achieve, to suffer and to rejoice.

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