The Optimist’s View of Biodiversity

We humans already exist in our self made zoological parks, cities for example. There are no lost tribes living in the wild for National Geographic to probe. Zoological gardens for any other than the human species are a reality and not only display animals but also have successful breeding programs for endangered species. Many animals are bred successfully to be pets and, while disappearing in the wild, are numerous in households (How many bengal tigers live in captivity like us?). Many animals do better when humans alter the environment. For example, deer, wild pigs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, squid, star fish, on and on. Genetic materials of disappearing plant life are already being warehoused and catalogued for the day when it makes sense to revive this or that plant. The same will happen with animal species. And better yet, genetic manufacturing of new species will have the potential to vastly increase biodiversity the way we want it to increase. Breeding of new dog varieties will be sped up. But think of it, why settle for a dog when you can have a pet 3 foot tall tyrannosaurus rex with a good attitude, that eats garbage and has rubber teeth to boot. And imagine a polar bear world, with real ice flows and seals, is on the drawing board, and how about the new genetically altered human colonists who can breathe Martian atmosphere and love it!!

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