Here are two works of art I wanted to share with all of you, by Herman Somberg, a bosom buddy of mine. He was a studio-mate of Franz Kline, both of the New York school of painters. Herman, in his later years, suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which may have been due to paint fumes. So he took up making collages. Twenty-five years after his death, I was finally gifted these two collages, by his adopted son Val. I have always so much wanted to have them, to be able to view them everyday. To me they are the final expression of the mind and soul of a man who lived as an artist all his life. Knowing herman brought joy to my spirit; he lives in me through his collages.

photo (1) photo

2 thoughts on “Collages”

  1. Nice collages. Herman & Ejmelita were good friends of mine when they lived in Minneapolis. I also studied art with Herman. I have three of his pastels and a painting he did in the 70’s. Two of the pastels were gifts and I purchased the painting and one of the pastels from him. It was quite amusing at the time – Herman and Ejmelita arguing about the price while we were sitting at their kitchen table. They were an interesting couple!

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