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On Life and Death

Some musings on these infinite subjects:

Truth Floats

Humankind is the ultimate judge of the worth of its leaders.

Common thieves looted and destroyed the tombs of the Pharaohs, who posed as gods, and now their words are long forgotten. Only empty tombs remain.

Not so for the words of Buddha, Laotse, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, and so many others. Their works have grown and flourished over time.

Famous false prophets inevitably end up as footnotes in the March of History, their efforts diminishing with the test of years. Only the works of those who bear the burden of truth survive and deepen with time.


Nowadays, we live as though the world will never end and we’ll never die.

But Nature puts time limits on our lifespans so that we will get on with the game.


Life is like a horse race— no matter how much you know about the horse, past races, or track conditions, the outcome is always in question.

But if you don’t bet, you’re not a player.


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