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A Few Things

I wanted to share some quick snippets from New Cliches with all of you. They’re short and sweet, but a little longer than my usual zuckerisms. However, I think they deploy the same sardonic humor.

In other news, I have an entrepreneurial announcement to make soon, so stay tuned! Exciting things are happening behind the scenes.

My very short piece, titled Bargain Basement Sanity:

There has only been one psychotherapist I have respected because he guaranteed meaningful, measurable results from his therapy.

His bottom line was this:

‘Therapy will cost you $10,000 and one hour of your day, five days a week, for five years. In that time, your income will increase in direct proportion to how much better you will function. So, I can guarantee that, in the long run, my fees cost nothing.’ 

And another short piece for good measure! This one is called, Between Battles:

Paul was my favorite sparring partner in business, and I took great pleasure in poking at his weak points. So, when I called him to wish him Happy Hanukkah, naturally, he was suspicious.

‘What do you want from me now?’

‘Nothing—just to wish you a Happy Hanukkah.’

‘Bullshit. What are you trying to bug me about now?’

‘Maybe the biggest bug of all is not to bug you about anything.’

He chuckled. 

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