New Cliches for the 21st Century, What's Up?


I talk a lot about zuckerisms on my twitter and facebook, but since ‘zuckerism’ is an invented word, I thought it would be helpful to explain its meaning for new readers. Think of this as a mini-glossary, if you will.

A zuckerism, obviously derived from my own name, is a short & sweet aphoristic statement based on an observation I’ve made about the world. I also like to call these little phrases ‘mind bytes,’ or ‘new clichés,’ a title you may recognize from my first book. They are meant to be observational and inspirational. I suppose you could also make them recreational, though it might be difficult.

But of course the only real way to describe a zuckerism is through examples.

From New Clichés For the 21st Century

“The genius of a cane is that it gives unstable two-legged people a third leg to stand on.”

“Youth is wasted on the young because that’s where it’s supposed to be wasted.”

“It’s not necessarily crazy to hear voices in your head—it all depends

on how entertaining they are.”

“My mother’s favorite statement was, ‘Peace and quiet—six feet under.’”


From Doc, What’s Up?

 “My patients who are continually bothered by ear wax are told that we cannot solve the problem until we can eradicate the ear bee.”

“Throwing another mind at the problem won’t necessarily solve it.”

“When my patients need to reduce their stress, I prescribe:

—Take two years off from work. —Live in the Caribbean.
—Have a lot of sex.
—Drink a lot of rum and smoke cigars.

If they follow my advice, I promise I’ll even make house calls.”

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