Formatting Services

Last week my editor, Rachel Carter, wrote a post on Megan Duncan’s services. Megan is an ebook formatter – and a fellow author – who helped us get my two books ready for publishing on Amazon. When I first wrote “New Cliches for the 21st Century,” and “Doc, What’s Up?” I never envisioned that they would end up as Kindle books. I’m from a more old-school form of publishing, where books are things you hold in your hands, with pages and spines and that lovely old book smell. But Rachel convinced me that the world had gone digital, and that it was time for me to join it.

But it wasn’t as simple as uploading the books to Amazon. My writing tends to blend a lot of genres – including nonfiction essays, pictures, inventions and my ‘zuckerisms.’ It turned out that formatting them for Amazon was going to be costly and time consuming. Luckily, we heard about Megan, and what could have been a laborious process became fast, efficient, and affordable.

Megan was very professional and quick to respond to any problems. We quickly realized we could trust in her  – always a risk when dealing with strangers online. In the end I couldn’t be happier with her formatting work. Because of her, both New Cliches and Doc, What’s Up? are now available on Kindle.

Publishing is changing, and ebooks are giving more people access to writers they may have never been able to experience otherwise. People like Megan are necessary in facilitating that change. Thanks to her I have now ‘gone digital.’

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